Nyota Ndogo is a really talented female artiste who’s voice is unique in many ways. Her songs have over the years been received well by the public even receiving awards.

She really adores her fans and time without number, she has sent them good wishes and thanked them for always supporting her. One thing is for sure, she listens to them and heeds to their advice, well if it’s positive.


Last year, her fans were pretty disappointed about her make up, saying she looked weird, and perhaps an unfinished look. They all thought she should look into or or better yet employ a better makeup artiste who can do a better job than the previous one.

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Well, it seems Nyota has a problem when it comes to make up. She has yet again failed miserably. She went ahead to post a video on social media urging her fans to listen to her latest jam and at the same time urged them to maintain peace as we approach the general elections. But what caught the eye of many is how bad her eyebrows looked.

nyota brows

They were badly done and looked like she just drew lines on her brows. Hers fans were of course not happy as they urged her to stop wearing make up if she can’t do a clean job.

Read some of the comments below;


rehema1994: Nyota nakupenda sana na nakukubali kila siku ninipitie page yako ila wanja wko waniboa kweli kama huwezi paka wanja vzur heri uache tu natural ya nyusi zko nakupenda nyota ni mkenya mwenzio kutoka mombasa


jesha2015: Nakupenda Nyota lakini Leo hizo eyebrows noooo