Nyota Ndogo

It’s April Fool’s day and everyone is in the mood of pulling pranks. Some are so intense, it’s not even funny anymore.

We woke up today to news that we have lost one of us, Janet Kanini Ikua, who has been battling with cancer for a while now.

Many thought it was a prank, but sadly it wasn’t.


Nyota Ndogo woke up in the spirit of fooling her fans. She took to social media to express how sad she was as she is now divorced

She wrote, “Sometimes life is very unfair. Have tried my best but it’s wasn’t meant for me. Feeling confused coz am divorced. God help.”

She went overboard with this prank and her fans were not happy with her as some expressed that divorce is not something to joke about

Some of the comments read;

officialshamsbird: Aki you cant joke like that ata kama ni April’s fool’s day walai na vile ndoa ni ngumu kupata

pendofavour: Maneno yanauzito nyota kunavitu zengine si zakuongea….if it true pole but if its a joke…that should not be one…shetani halali


shiroshantel: maneno yatokao kwa vinywa zetu zina nguvu sana yea it april fools day bt not gud joke atall if it true sorry bt if nijoke kamuombe Mungu msamaha maana……

oyugilevis: That’s not somethin good to joke abt….even if it’s April fools day…,God might decide to snatch it away from U for Good!!!

shilpahkg: Nyota nakupenda sana am ur fan but I av to say like several ppl av said there are jokes but this one shouldn’t be one of them mane no ya kinywa chako yananguvu sana dadangu pls pls tubu kwa Mungu wako coz I know kama ungekuwa ukijua hilo haungejoke namna hii sisi wote binadamu tunakosea name Mungu yupo tayari kutusamehea tunapo omba msamaha

But Nyota has however apologised to everyone for the prank and urged her fans to forgive her.