There is a thin line between celebrity crush and celebrity obsession. Magix Enga has a die-hard -literally- fan.

A female fan posted a picture of her recently healed tattoo. The wordings engraved n her brown kin arm are ‘Magix Enga’ and the vital waves showing a heartbeat with a love heart in the middle.

I have a low tolerance to pain and so this makes me cringe my face wondering is it really a must? It really must be nice to be loved that much because that is her whole arm.

Magix has not commented on this tattoo but I am sure where he is he has a wide smile and he sleeps well at night knowing he has someone who really loves him.

‘Young man we will thoroughly beat you up!’ TID threatens Magix Enga

The beat king has been making it to trending topics on a monthly basis. If he is not pulling down songs from YouTube, he is prod7ucing heavy tunes or he is releasing nasty music.

Together with Boondox Gang, they released a tune, Ngwati and all I can say is it is PG rated.

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