Octopizzo is one of the top hiphop artist in Kenya, he has hits topped charts with hits like TBT, Bank Otuch, Presidential, Twende Butere among others.

He has toured the world and shared the stage with the big names, but that has not stopped him from taking up his fatherly duties.

Despite growing up in the largest slum in Kenya, Kibera, he has hustled hard all the way up to the top in the Kenyan hip hop industry.

Octopizo is the first born in the family of four and he is a proud father of four three daughters by the name Tracy, Zara and Akinyi. He has one son by the name Freddy Flaco.

Octopizzo took to social media to show off his family.

On the post he mentioned the names of his children and to show how proud he is being the father of his children.

Fans took time to congratulate him and show Octopizzo love by posting positive comments and even encouraging him on his fatherhood.

Here as some of the comments that followed his post.

He raised his first daughter Tracy, single handedly after Tracy’s mother left them and later he started dating a caucasian woman who together they have a child by the name Zara, and who Octopizzo loves so much.

Due to his success in music, Octopizzo has taken an initiative to give back to the society by helping the less fortunate in in the society.

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