There is a new song making rounds in Africa… and it features two of the biggest Kenyan artists; Victoria Kimani and Abbas Kubaff.

Victoria Kimani and Abbas Kubaff have amassed enough fame for releasing hit after hit not only in Kenya but in Africa. Miss Kimani is infact traversing the globe real fast…. so you can imagine the excitement from fans when the two announced they were working together. And they did not disappoint.

The two artists released Party As A Moda – a tune we can describe as one of the most raunchiest in Kenya. The video features video vixens shaking their bum bums, giving ‘twerking’ a new definition.

That is however not the only thing that stands out in the video, the dope lyrics and out of this world beats will definitely make the song one of the most listened to club banger in Kenya.

Check out the video below.

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