Some of the practices that are carried on by people on their daily basis are very usual to a normal person, but when the same is done by a person who owns a crucial position in the society, everybody becomes excited and surprised about it.

Citizen TV presenter did the unbelievable by riding on a bodaboda from Westlands to Town and later boarding a matatu. Jeff Koinange was challenged by Xtian Dela, an influential Twitter bigwig. Well, Jeff managed to tackle it.

jeff koinange

Folks… Xtian Dela DARED me to do something I have NOT done in more than 20 YEARS!! Take a ride on a BODA BODA and a MATATU!!…..You know me..I NEVER Chicken Out!!…” Jeff Koinange posted on his timeline.

jeff dela

Jeff had a chance to walk on the streets of Tom Mboya after approximately 30 years. He was taking selfies with his fans who were so excited to see him, while encouraging them to vote in the coming election and maintain peace even after the election.

Watch the video below

They did not just get to town and ended the trip. Jeff and Xtian took a matatu from town to Eastleigh with Jeff being the tout and he really did it like someone with experience.

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