So much has been going on over the past week after R. Kelly was exposed for sleeping with countless women for about 20 years now. The sickening part of it all is that he has slept with women as young as the age of 14.

Now, there is an age consent in different countries in the world. Age of consent is the age below which a minor is considered to be legally incompetent to consent to sexual acts.

The highest age of consent in the world is 21 in Bahrain. Next is 20 is South Korea. In the USA it depends with a state but the highest is 18 years.

When is to comes to the lowest, Nigeria takes the crown. You have to be 11 years to legally indulge in any sexual act. Now 11 is a really crazy age to be sexually active. I mean, what so you know at the age of 11?

Check out the data below of the age of consent in different countries, courtesy of

Well, in today’s morning conversation on Kiss FM, Adelle and Shaffie discussed age of consent in the world from the highest to the lowest. They were equally surprised by Nigeria’s age, with Shaffie asking,

“Who in their right mind wants to sleep with an 11-year-old girl?

Listeners called in to give stories of older men lurking and preying on young girls, something that has been happening from way back.

One caller said,

“There was a friend to my dad who was HITTING on me and at that time I was very young. It was terrible and I have never told anyone. I’ve never seen him again because we lost contact and we moved places but I felt so bad and I can imagine there are other girls out there and something like that happened to them and they see flashy things and are tempted and it’s not their fault. We were neighbours with this guy and I was 13 at that time. The thing is that I was strong but not all women are the same.”

Another caller went on to give her account of a man who wanted to take her abroad because there are good jobs there.

“I was in form one. my former primary school teacher, You know the teachers you find are retiring. He found us in a hotel with my dad. So my dad went out to receive a phone call. The guy started touching my hands, telling me he can help me, take me abroad to be a lady with lotsa money. I noticed that this was not going on so well, so I walked out and then fortunately I found my dad had gone back in. After the conversation was over, he dared me to tell my dad that we had something important to talk about and he wants to help me because he saw there were job opportunities abroad, but I could see this was not ok, he had an agenda.”

Another lady also narrated how her dad’s friend pretended to help her but he had an evil motive.

“I remember I was in form 4. You know the issue of girls sneaking out of school and your parents bring someone to talk to you. My dad called a friend of his to talk to me as a good friend of his. My surprise was after that the guy started touching me, kissing me, so those things happen. I was very mad and afraid but nothing happened to me. I never went for a second consultation.”

Another caller narrated how she was taken advantage of by her cousin and her uncle when she was just 7 years old. She couldn’t tell her grandfather so she had to wait for her mother to come back.

When she told her mother, the two were taken to the police station and were punished. She was too young to understand what was going on, so she can’t tell what the punishment was.

These things are real and many people have preferred not talking about what they’ve gone through, which is sad.

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