Chito Ndhlovu

Chito Ndhlovu’s day was made after two young girls from Westlands Primary School came to the office to just tell him how much he inspires them and they are his biggest fans.

The two ladies took their time and wrote a beautiful letter to Chito hoping that he will receive it and they would meet their role model.

Chito Ndhlovu

Chito took to social media to express how much their confidence moved him to tears and how humbling the moment was.

He wrote, “Yesterday these young girls caused me to shed a few tears.
I got off the elevator at the office to a “OMG CHITO!” I saw the two most amazing young girls. They were both shaking, kept fanning themselves and could barely get a word out, They are called Jenelle Angela and Bianca Thiongo. They have been trying to see me for slightly over a week. Finally we got to meet, I sat next to them and we spoke for a while. They are such brilliant young girls both in Class 8 at Westlands Primary, they are infact best friends. They told me they were my greatest fans and they love my show. They presented me with the most beautiful letter I have read, it made me tear up.
They told me listening to me has unleashed dreams and gifts in them that they never knew they had. I will actually frame it.

Chito Ndhlovu

He Continued, “It was truly a humbling moment, I meet people in places who get excited to see me, some shout in traffic when they spot me, others just want to chat for a short while about the most random of things that make me smile, I have received gifts from fans but, this for some reason touched my heart in a whole new light, it felt like a letter from God himself. Truly God speaks the mouth of babes!

I pray God blesses these young girls greatly and I thank God for such opportunities that remind me, why I always dreamt of being in the media, among many things to touch people’s lives. I Trully love my job and this is part of the reason I get to the office everyday, because I get a chance to touch lives in ways I have never known.
May the Lord continue allowing me to change and touch his people’s lives in greater ways. It’s such a privilege and honor to do what I do everyday.
To God alone be the praise, glory and honor. This God has shown me nothing but love and more love I always stand amazed.
It felt like God himself had packaged this surprise for me.”

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