Bahati has four children. Two (Heaven and Majesty) with his ‘wife’ Diana Marua, one (Mueni Bahati) with Yvette Obura his first baby mama, and a son (Morgan) whom he adopted.

He has always said he has a heart for helping because he believes that is his calling. Adopting Morgan was not easy as he has severally said because it came with its challenges but now he has a home.

Lasy year in August, Kiss 100 brought to the attention of many that his adopted son was going to a school that was way below the standards his daughter was going to and more to that, his son went to school in tattered uniform.

This forced Bahati to address the situation on The Trend. He shed tears saying people do not understand what he has been through to adopt his son. Read it all below:

Bahati responds on adopted son wearing torn uniform to school

Somewhere in between all this drama, Diana Marua was also blasted by Kenyans on social media for ignoring and not posting Morgan as she does her two children. She has always said she considers him as much her child like the rest.

Mbona mtoto wa Bahati anavaa viraka Kwenda shule? Bahati’s adopted son not as pampered (PHOTOS)

Now you will notice she features him on her social media page quite often.

Bahati Diana Marua
Bahati Diana Marua

Bahati took to social media saying they have not had it easy but he is grateful to see the man Morgan is becoming.

“God Brought You into my Life When you were barely a Toddler 😊 Now See My Son, I can’t Believe You’re Now Becoming a Full grown Man… Only God Knows Our Story, Where we are From, What We’ve gone through and where We are Going. I Love You @Morgan_Bahati and I Can’t wait to See you Inspire the World One Day. Happiness & Success are Your Portion in Jesus Name 🙏🙏🙏” Bahati posted

The family seems very happy all under one roof. Diana has also been collaborating with Morgan in her TikTok videos.

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