Jay A is famous for his songs, Dumbala, which he sang with Sage and On Me, featuring Amina Abdi, not forgetting his big hit, Don’t Stop featuring Jamaican diva, Tiana.

The singer had taken a short music break but is now back to the game with his new single, IYO, featuring Mombasa based singer Dazlah, know for his hit song, Kide Kide.

Jay A was put on the hot seat while being interviewed on the Celeb Quickfire with the lovely Adelle Onyango, where he got to answer a few random and  personal questions.


Adelle Onyango did not hold back in asking these questions, which included; his real age, what colour of underwear he was wearing, his full names and the most fun one – who he would date, marry and chipo between Avril, Victoria Kimani and Tanzania’s beauty, Vanessa Mdee.

Listen  to the audio below to know the interesting anwers he gave.

Meanwhile, check out his now song IYO, featuring Mombasa singer, Dazlah below.