Otile Brown and Tanzania’s finest Shetta have just dropped a banging hit ‘Tamu Sana’. The song has crazy beats and with their melodious voices, they made it all better.

Just like any artiste, there’s always a story on how they met each other. Speaking to Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru on Breakfast with the Stars, Otile Brown narrated how the two met and decided to do a collabo.

shettah and otile

He’s been a friend and we always chat on What’s app and he’s always congratulating me when I release a song. We never spoke about doing a song together till last month but one. So we decided to do something and I sent him the demo, the next day he sent the verse back and that’s how ‘Tamu Sana’ was made.”

And what does Shetta think about Otile and his music?

Otile ni msani ako poa sana. By the way I used to tell Kenyan people that they have to be proud to have Otile because ni mtu ambaye ana vibe na anapenda kazi yake. Nimepatana na wasaanii wengi lakini yeye ako tofauti manake anajali kazi, anainvest time na capital pia, which si wasanii wote wanafanya. I’m very proud of him.”

otil and shetta

We have all been through a tough time in life and most artistes share their stories of how they came about doing music and what they did to make ends meet. Well, Shetta revealed that he used to sell scrap metal to make ends meet because he was from a poor family.

I’ve been in the music for 8 years now. I’m from a poor family, I can’t lie and I can say I’m the one who made it kutoka kwenye familia yangu. About selling stuff, nilikua nauza scrap metal na kuna kitu huko kwetu kinaitwa Siso. Siso ni kama sufuria, yale material ambayo yamo kama sufuria kule kwetu huwa tunauza. Pia nilikua nauza chupa za soda ama beer.”

Listen to the full interview below;