otile nabayet

One thing we have to appreciate is that Otile Brown will always defend his babes.

Back when he was with Queen Vee, he was always on the defensive calling out trolls for being knuckleheads.

Even when trolls and colleagues went all out on Vera’s on social media saying negative things, Otile always defended her.

Otile has done the same thing in his current relationship.

He proved himself this time round after he recently called out a follower who was quick to judge Nabayet based on what he sees on social media.

Otile Brown usually has time for such unnecessary followers on his timeline. One Prince asked Otile under a picture he posted of him and Nabayet -that just served goals- asking:

Can she wash clothes really?

Kenya’s RnB master did not take too long before this comment got to his nerve. He responded with a ‘mind your own business’ kind of response saying:

that’s my woman, not a househelp

Don’t you wish you had a man who would defend you like Bad Man Shivo? I know I need me such a manz.

Seems like Otile Brown has found the one he can finally settle down with as he has been referring to her as Wifi (wife). Nabayet must be the envy of many women who want a man to whine and grind for them once in a while.
He even announced he wants to buy a house for the two of them as soon as next month. These are sure steps to marriage.

 babe @nabbi_ am buying us our first house next month Inshallah.

We do love a happily-ever-after love story so let us hope Nabayet and Otile will last forever.

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