We recently touched on celebrities who have started their own clothing lines and it would seem the words in the article struck a chord in Otile Brown’s heart.

Victoria Kimani

Fashion entrepreneurs: these celebs are trying their hands at building fashion enterprises

Nah, I am just joshing but now it would seem Otile Brown is indeed looking to make a foray into the land of fashion entrepreneurship because he has declared just as much.

Otile Brown

He is one of the more stylish Kenyan celebrities so it’s a safe assumption that he knows a thing or two about style and fashion. That aside, he launched a shoe store just the other day which means the business bug bit him and perhaps now he can truly and fully marry the two ventures.

The inspiration he claimed was all the men and their girlfriends constantly in his DMs asking after where he gets his clothes from:

I see y’all male fans and your women😊🤣on the dm asking where i get my clothes every day. Boyz Clothing line coming soon , vitu va kijanja InshaAllah 🙏…. KITENGELA 👉NOMAD PLATINUM I’m on my way I’ll be there 11 sharp … Nyeri get ready 🔥🔥 coming your way for the first time performing in Nyeri BOURBON LOUNGE . It’s gonna be a long night. We thank God 🙏#justinlovemusic #wegotnothingbutlove