Sigh. Yet another attention-grabbing stunt from Otile brown. The guy who is known to pull fast ones over his fans is back in the headlines with a new stunt -he has declared his impending resignation.

Melanin popping: Meet the woman who caused Otile Brown’s relationship to Nabayet to end

And somehow, he has tied his this retirement announcement to his ongoing begging and beseeching his ex lass, Nabayet to take him back. Yuck!

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Aye, Otile Brown took to his social media to post yet another long simp message to his ex Nabayet and he roped in his fans to also play along with his begging:

Otile Brown

Nabayet responds to Otile Brown, rejects his apology

She is not even picking my calls. If she does not forgive me in the next 3 weeks or even talk to me I will quit music. I know there are critics who will enjoy me leaving music.

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Since you made it to the end of the article you might aswell enjoy his latest song dedicated to Nabayet: