Produced by Teddy B, Siku Yetu is the latest musical offering from Otile Brown that is yet another celebration of his love for the apple of his eye, in this case, Amberay.

The singer and his video vixen made much ado about nothing, stoking rumours that they are a couple -which seems to be what she has decided to use as her plan ever since it worked resoundingly well with Syd.

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The video, shot by Platnumz Videos stays true to the message of the song, a date night, and shows the handsome pair of Otile and Amberay going through different date experiences.

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The song as I said was produced by Teddy B and is more of what we are accustomed to from Otile Brown, mellow, melodic RnB sung in flawless Swahili.

The one scene that got everyone talking is a steamy love scene between the two that you can check out below: