Otile Brown seems to have taken it upon himself to teach his fans and followers how to deal with negative and low-frequency emotions such as envy and hate.

‘He made you famous’ Nabayet accused of using Otile Brown

You see, very often, when we see a man do better than we are doing at the moment, we get carried away with feelings of envy and anger towards their success. Other times, you start competing with an individual who might very well have no idea as to whether or not you even exist.

‘Life must move on’ Nabayet after rumours of her breakup with Otile Brown

Otile Brown had this to say about the matter:

Kosa kubwa maishani ni unaposhindana na watu ata wasiojua mnashindana , mana huenda ana njia nyingi za kuingiza hela wakati wewe unatumia pesa na nguvu nyingi kununua anachomiliki yeye wakati alikinunua na salio baada ya kufanya vitu vya msingi . Do you , kila mtu ana nafasi na riziki yake . Do something coz it’s necessary and coz you want to do it not to please people #somolaleo😊…MOMBASA @just_inlove_shoe_collection OPENING this Saturday. Located 👉🏾Bamburi mwisho, opposite bamburi complex, next to KWFT(Kenya women microfinance bank).. #OB #justinlovemusic#justinloveshoescollection #wegotnothingbutlove