Otile Brown has won the hearts of many after he took it upon himself to buy his fans lunch in Nairobi.

In a video he shared on social media, one can see his super excited fans excited to see him as they followed him wherever he went.

“Was feeling so good today and decided to Randomly go to Nairobi CBD to buy people lunch. God has been so good to me. Thanks to all my fans and supporters. I appreciate you guys.” he wrote.

Check out the video below;

Read some of the comments from his fans;

Andre: How to win Kenyan people over 🔥🔥🔥… Politicians style 😁😂

Shabba: Nice one bro, fresh, good vibes always, maaad love Bless up 👆

Wal: Bro goodstuff good gesture next time sasa do some shopping go to childrens home again good job and always avoid the camera wen u are helping we gat nothing buh love

Lockey: I love the spirit hommie🔥🔥….enyewe umetoka mbali..#mikindani💥💥

Wekesa: God bless u bro for your kind heart and agood promising advise to strugglers

Sammy: Oooh yes!!! we need to be well prepared,energised and motivated for oncoming battles 😁

Mkuki: To me that’s excellent gesture. Keep off those who are complaining.

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