Otile Brown isn’t done begging his ex Nabayet to forgive him for his indiscretions. He is also not above siping it seems -if only he had the same energy when he was with Nabayet, then maybe our timelines wouldnae be littered with his emotions.

Even fresh from being rejected by Nabayet who says that though she likes the song he dedicated to her, a song cannot mend a broken heart.

Otile Brown

Nabayet responds to Otile Brown, rejects his apology

Homie is still outchea thirsting after her… He took to his IG to post this:

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Damn girl .🙆‍♂️ @nabbi__ I’m sorry 😐

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I guess her yams have him deep in his feelings. Anyway, a follower of his, tired of all this simpanzee behaviour told him as much:


Wewe ni Celebrity you have access to thousands of girls bado unafanya hii upuzi


@muriithi_benson nimewa access ata nimechoka .. nataka huyo☝️ nitulie