Otile Brown and Vera Sidika have taken the internet by storm with their break up drama that they are dishing, left, right and center.

The two have been going at each other to a point Vera got a bit too personal and revealed that Otile has a small mjulubeng and his bedroom skills are sub zero.

We have not heard Otile respond to the whole situation but the small things he posts on social media, speak louder than words.

Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika & artist Otile Brown
Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika & artist Otile Brown

Otile has changed the color of his hair which is usually a move many people make just after a breakup.

According to a psychologist, one reason for changing your hair is to exert a sense of authority. It is a statement to show one is in control of their appearance as well as their life.

The other reason could be that they want to let go of their former, possibly unhappy, selves when they were on the relationship.

The other thing Otile Brown and Vera have been doing is posting pictures with the opposite sex in a compromising situation that will definitely make the other jealous.

Otile Brown is now thriving in that zone after he made a special guest appearance at Space Lounge with a beau, Kim Nana and took pictures of the two looking a bit too cozy.

Kim Nana is the same lady Diamond was with as a rebound, days after he broke up with his baby mamas Hamisa and Zari Hassan.

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He posted the pictures on social media and the comments as always are crazy:

Fatma:  Kwa kweli najua hiyo siku ulikua na mrembo toka tz ulikuala Sana weeee nakuogopa bana uwezi achilia hivi tu

Ronnie: Naona mzigo iko sawa sana @otilebrown , sjui kama ule family ya plastic ana lipi ya kusema?

Perpetua: Now this is what we the otile fam were waiting to see, say hi to kimnana

Anam: She came to support or to get a 🍆

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Hassan: Twende kazi Wa bongo wakivamia sisi pia tunavamia 😂😂👌[email protected] kamatia kabisa

Here are the pictures of the two looking happy and in love:

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