Otile Brown and Nabayet are the envy of so many Kenyans and Ethiopians including  actually most fans and followers of the two.

Badman Shivo has been made mushy and soft by his Ethiopian bae and you can tell from all their social media posts in the last month, after he introduced her officially to his fans.

Otile was also very open and cute with Vera but there are certain things he does with Nabayet that he did not do when he was dating Vera Sidika.

  1. Gyming

He has been posting videos of the two working out which even looks romantic despite all the sweaty and ugly faces they make after a serious workout.

2. Dates

Contrary to the precious relationship with Vera, Otile Brown is the one taking Nabayet for dates as opposed to when Vera took him out on dates and allegedly paid for all the meals.

3. Buying a house

Vera had exposed Otile as a freeloader after their break up. However, the RnB star wants to prove he is no freeloader. Otile promised Nabayet a house come the end of this month.

Mind your damn bizniz! Otile Brown calls out troll who disrespects Nabayet

4. Marriage plans

Otile had never assured Vera of a marriage plan, he called her babe but he calls his Ethiopian babe wife.

Manz is deeply in love and this one looks more promising. He has not talked about the relationship and how long they have been together but their love is contagious.

Instagram in-laws are curious about her and they seem to love her.

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