Ivy Wangeci’s brutal murder continues to elicit mixed reaction days after the incident.

Adelle shared her frustrations on that story after Jalang’o posted a controversial post saying women need to stop accepting free gifts from men. This did not settle well with Adelle. Read her comment below:

‘This is quite ignorant and reckless’ Adelle angered by Jalang’os remark on Ivy Wangeci’s death

Akothee in an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva advised women not to accept things from men.


don’t take things from men

She added that this affects her so much considering she is a mother of 3 girls.

when I hear this story it makes me think of my daughter Vesha, my sister and any other lady who is close to me

With all these stories happening daily, she says we need serious prayers.

our country needs deliverance

After the interview, Akothee took to social media a long post to just to explain what she meant when she was saiyng women should not just accept gifts for free.

Even when you date a rich man, if you break up they would like to bring you back to where they found you , including selling everything they’ve ever bought for you! if they could lay a hand on them , I have never trusted anything coming from a man if I don’t sweat for it, that’s why I am never comfortable in a house that a man already built in my absence I am too suspicious, and always afraid of being kicked out 🤔 I don’t fancy a car with the log book in a mans name! Any property in a mans name is not ours , its his , thats me , I dont know about you , the only thing no ex will fight for is the children you came with , those are the only documents they wont steal, your children birth certificate, but tittle deeds, logbooks 😂😂😂, weka kwa bank , #presidentofsinglemothers nothing comes for free from A man , it can get very messy, all the break ups I have heard , no one ever asked me for the children 😂 but kungangania maploti na ma properties 🤣😂🤣😂, walinichoka if you are dating or a housewife, try get your own money however small, support your husband so they dont feel like they own your life , be independent in your own way, even if you can afford just to buy skuma and eggs 💪💪

Akothee/ Instagram


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