Papa Dennis and Petra Friday released their brand new jam called Party. In an interview with Adelle and Shaffie on Kiss FM, Petra revealed that she was approached by Papa Dennis’ management about working with his record label.

“Papa Dennis’ management contacted me and they were interested in working with me as an artiste. Plans are underway but for now, we decided to work on a track together. The song is different and not what you would expect, but it’s fire and people should look out for it,” Petra said.

A number of times, people have questioned if Papa Dennis is a gospel artiste because he sometimes sings love songs.

When asked about it he said,

“I’m a gospel artiste and sometimes you have to switch it up and sing love songs coz you know people love each other even pastors love people, so there’s really nothing to hide.”

Petra and Papa Dennis’ music are from different genres. So how was it for Petra working with Dennis for the first time?

“Working with him was not hard from the get go. I was allowed to express myself the way I feel, there were no limits when working with him.”

Doing music is not an easy thing. Papa Dennis stated that the challenges are quite many, but even with criticism that comes with music, Papa advices one should be strong.

“The challenges are many. Sometimes who have to read the Bible a lot and when you go to the studio you need to know what you will give your fans. There are people who will talk about you about singing love songs or other things, so you have to be strong. Your song should not have anything bad that might offend someone who is out there.”

Here’s the full interview;

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