Parents should monitor what their children are doing on the Internet’ expert advices

Many people in the world in this day and age can easily access the internet and search for right about anything.

As an adult, you can choose to use the internet however you want as long as you are not harming yourself or anyone.

Kids have also discovered the internet and they are learning fast how it works. So when you are not around, do you know what your kids are watching or doing? Are you keeping track of the time they are supposed to access the internet?

These are things many people don’t put to consideration be it the kid is your daughter/ son, niece/ nephew, cousin etc.

Country Manager of Teda Home Angela Nyani, was in studio today with Adelle and Shaffie on Breakfast with the Stars, and she explained that most kids are accessing the internet, watching things that they are not supposed to and they might even end up harming themselves or others.

She stated that parents need to make sure they monitor what their kids are doing on the internet and this will make them aware and help control them.

Here is the full interview;

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