Nameless is among the scores Kenyans who have sat up and taken notice of the new wave of artistes who have taken the Kenyan entertainment scene by storm. This crop of artistes speaks the language of the street and they weren’t looking for fame but rather doing what they loved doing.

We at Kiss 100 believe that this green quality is what is most endearing about these rambunctious lads who only seem to rap about their passion -coitus. Anyway, to say the lads are talented is an understatement. I am talking about groups like Boondocks gang, Sailors, Ochungulo Family and Ethic Entertainment.

Nameless paid homage to these lads saying:

So for the ol skool ninjaz who don’t know, the guy on my right (wearing sandaks 😅) is called @benzemadavid aka Alejandro, hizo sandaks zisikudanganye by the way, aneza pita na dame wako, ndio maana wanamuita Alejandro😂😂… Anyway, He is of the Ochungulo family which is part of a new Era of artists that have discovered their formular to connect with their audience.. It’s always a great feeling as an artist to find your formular. It sometimes takes time but when you find it, ride it!!! Alafu the guy on my left for those who don’t know is called @juacaligenge 😉… Hehe. Huyu jama alinisumbua sana in the earlier part of my career when he and his ninjaz found their formula in Calif records, Weh!! #Califtakeover… Lakini baaadae nilipata dawa yake😂😂. Alafu kila saa tukipigwa picha na yeye lazima nisimame one step lower ndio a feel kama baba Yao, lakini we all know who the REAL baba Yao is😂😂😎😎 ama namna gani my frens…dame ako na orange story yake for another day😉, mafisi nawajua nyinyi. Anyway just brothers in the game at defferent stages in their careers meeting and sharing experiences. #Aluta#RespecttheGame #whatsyourformula#useyourshinewisely#galintheorangetopstoryyakeforanotherday