Trap King Chrome is back on his bashful British behaviour. The rapper who stiffed Lady Leshurr of her payday is back after accusing Colonel Mustafa of being a homosexual and this time his eyes are deadset on Pendo.

Lady Leshurr exposes Nairobi Diaries star for attempted extortion

Trap King Chrome who has been on tour in Europe (by his own admission) has come forth to allege that both he and Pendo’s former lover and fiance have realized she was the source of their sexually transmitted ailment.


Now back you!!! Me and your so called ex “fiancee” have sat down and agreed that we both got Sexually Transmitted Infections from you… We want a refund!!! You know how much we had to pay to get rid of the shit you gave us???!!!!😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 I thought I was gonna die!! Customers be warned!!! Wear 4 condoms when touching this bitch, SMH 🤦

And when I reached Pendo for comment, he said,

That’s his problem, he is sick, he is doing drugs. Bye bye, can I enjoy my holiday?

To be entirely fair, that was before she answered my call with complaints about loathing having to pick my calls.