Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai are the most talked about celebs in East Africa now.

Other than Diamond and Tanasha, they are the cutest couple in East Africa now, showing us what it means to find love and be loved.

The fact that they publicize their relationship on social media means they have received a lot of hate. Ben Pol is known as the guy who’s been taken care of financially by Anerlisa especially after the many international trips they took early this year.

The allegations were confirmed by Ben Pol’s ex Ebitoke when she sent a warning to Anerlisa about his ben 10 behaviors. Read it all here:

‘He is just around her to carry her purse’ Ben Pol’s ex sends a warning to Anerlisa

With all the hate, Anerlisa still loves Ben Pol and this time she even gave us the reasons why she has decided to settle down with Ben Pol.

  1. He is a very humble guy

  2. He is not a user

  3. He is not afraid to tell me the truth

  4. I have had the best time with him

  5. I have had the craziest time with him

  6. He doesn’t distract me from my work.

Clearly, Anerlisa has her sh*t together when it comes to her love life with Ben Pol and nothing you say or do will kill their romance.

Read more here.

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