Khaligraph Jones was lucky enough to capture a photo of his daughter smiling and this will melt even the most frigid of hearts. What is it about infants that make their smiles make you think an angel just told them a joke?

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Khaligraph Jones and his woman, Georgina Muteti were minding their own business bonding with their daughter when they stopped for a photo. Khaligraph Jones was behind the camera when this photo was taken.

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And surprise surprise, she smiled at her parents and Khaligraph Jones managed to get this picture:

I just had to Google the science behind smiling babies and this is what them Googles said that might interest Khaligraph Jones:

A 2015 study conducted by the University of California, San Diego, and published in the medical journal PLOS One, looked at why babies, ages 4 to 17 weeks, smile when they do and what the purpose of those smiles are. The findings are fascinating: Infants smile to make their caretakers smile. “The results indicate that by 4 months of age infants interact with their mothers in a goal-oriented manner, utilizing a sophisticated understanding of timing in social interactions,” PLOS One explained.

“In our study, mothers consistently attempted to maximize the time spent in mutual smiling, while infants tried to maximize mother-only smile time,” the study explainedBasically, babies want you to smile as much as possible while they smile as little as possible. Source: Romper