Dennis Okari and Naomi Joy
Dennis Okari and Naomi Joy

Naomi Joy, Dennis Okari’s wife is not an internet buff at all.

Her online presence is close to zero.

On Twitter, she has less than ten tweets and on Instagram, she has 827 followers and her account is private with only 16 posts.

Dennis Okari Naomi Joy

Contrary to Dennis Okari whose online presence is heavy but we do not blame him. His job requires him to be.

Well just recently, a picture of Joy enjoying her honeymoon time with Dennis in Malaysia – specifically Langkawi, an archipelago made up of 99 islands – leaked.

The couple has since kept their life hush hush to have some alone time to enjoy their marriage.

Dennis Okari Naomi Joy

It is safer to keep off social media to avoid a lot of talk especially for Dennis Okari. There is always something to say about him being Betty Kyallo’s ex and her baby daddy.

Despite their online absence, I managed to get a few pictures of Joy looking all beautiful after her intimate wedding and silent honeymoon.

Leaked pictures of Dennis Okari and Naomi’s honeymoon

I must say, Dennis, found a gorgeous babe to complete his life. She is all a man needs, beautiful, hardworking and God fearing lady.

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