Kenyan artists are some of the most unappreciated people. They do good work some of which goes unnoticed. The best the country can do to take note of an artist is flossin mauwano.

They have often painted and drawn different celebrities to get their attention and a little publicity for their work. After all, what is art if you cannot put it out there.

List of 5 Kenyan celebrities who have made it to Hollywood

Here are some of the celebrities whom Kenyan artists have worked on to perfection

Brenda Wairimu

Brenda Wairimu recently posted a portrait of herself done by a Kenya artist by the name stanzs4. She was looking absolutely beautiful, more like a reflection of herself.

Pascal Tokodi

jtomdesign also did a painting of pascal Tokodi and put a smile and confidence in the famous Selina actor

King Kaka

King kaka also got a gift from a Kenyan artist that mirrored him and was absolutely beautiful by an artist called pesigraphics.

Steve Harvey

Collins has recently gained fame and trolls from social media after sharing a drawing of Steve Harvey on social media. He got a special recognition from steve Harvey for the drawing.

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