Pink is the self confessed ‘rock-star’ known for her sell-out arena shows.

But on Sunday, powerhouse performer Alecia ‘Pink’ Moore revealed that not everyone in her family is a fan of her singing.

Speaking to Stellar magazine, the 38-year-old said her nine-month-old son Jameson Moon Hart used to cry every time she would sing to him.

pink and son

‘For the first two or three months, every time I sang, he cried,’ said Pink.

‘I would be like, “You are my sunshine…” and he would pull a face.’

‘Dude! That is not going to work. You are going to have to like this,’ she said to her son who was on her lap during the interview.

And it seems like it’s a family trait, with the three-time Grammy winner telling Good Morning America last year that her first-born daughter Willow Sage, now six, also used to have an issue with her mother’s voice.


‘She finds my singing distracting,’ she said.

‘When she was two, she was, “Shhh, Mama, terrible voice”.’

However, Pink’s music has seems to have grown on Willow who was seen singing along to all her mum’s lyrics during her VMA’s Video Vanguard Award performance earlier in the year.
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