Thirst trap alert! Kirigo Ngarua is looking for a through pass with the marathon runner himuselfu.

So, Bien posted a picture of some old school celebrities in a conference hall. We are not sure what their meeting was about but according to Bien’s caption, they are making a way forward for the coming generation in the music world.

Nyashinski was part of the members present and when the picture was posted, it did not take Kirigo more than seven minutes she was already in the comment section. Asking Bien if Nyashinski is single because she wants a hookup.

Bien, is your friend Nyashinski single or? Please give me a through pass

Kirigo Ngarua

Her close friend Terryanne Chebet was concerned she commented on her level of thirst. Kirigo came to her own defence saying that it is the season to shoot your shot as advised so why not?

Fans defend Kirigo Ngarua against troll who tells her to dress decently

Bien has not yet assured her of the next step but last time we checked, Nyashinski is taken. A girl by the name Zia Bett, CEO of Zia Collection so I highly doubt that through pass will have a positive outcome.

But who am I to stop a girl from prospering? Hopefully, her public outcry will be heard.

The picture Bien posted caught a lot of people’s attention who were excited to see what is coming considering the people in that room are great artistes in the music industry.

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