Pierra Makena finally made her way to Kenya after the longest wait of her life.

She was enjoying her trip a few weeks ago up until the number of people with coronavirus increased, forcing her to return home. Flying back home was also not a walk in the park. Flight cancellations forced her to sleep in hotels as she watched helplessly, however she finally made it to the 254.

As per the government’s rules and guidelines, one must quarantine for at least 14 days at their own costs to assure there is no spread of the virus.

That is Pierra’s current state. She is on day two of the quarantine and she can’t wait for it to be over.

The one thing the Kenyan female DJ is missing is to see and hold her baby girl Ricca and spend time with her.

“Felt better yesterday. Still can’t sleep at night. I spoke to my baby.. and she is not taking it well. It’s terrible… I feel bad that I can’t see her yet. Staying in the house is weird though. But thanks to my friends who have been checking up and even coming downstairs to wave at me不不不不不 crazy uh!?” Read her first post

A few hours later, she posted a video of her and her daughter in memory of the good old days before coronavirus became a pandemic ending what we knew to be our normal lives.

For the very first time I have been far away from her Pierra Makena

“I miss my baby so much!!唐唐唐. She misses me too and does not understand what is going on. I don’t have latest videos of us. I haven’t seen her in like forever…11 more days to go. All I pray is we don’t get a total lockdown such that I can’t even go to my moms after the 14days. Please God hear our cries. ” Pierra cried out

She has been encouraged by so many of her followers and her fellow celebrities to keep on in prayer and hope because it will soon be over.

So many mothers who follower Pierra are sympathizing with her in prayer to make sure she doesn’t feel alone.

We will keep you updated during the 14 days Pierra will be in quarantine.

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