Kamene Goro has a tough wish to grant and she took it to social media to ask her fans to help her respond to the request.

A guy who is apparently dying of cancer in six months has one dying wish, to lick her booty hole. Kamene is one of the highly blessed and endowed celebrities we have in Kenya and the best thing is she is proud of it.

Probably this guy has been fantasizing about this for a while and decided kama mbaya mbaya. The radio queen gets a lot of weird DM’s.

Andrew Kibe was not going to sit and watch his radio wife ruin his social media life. He called her out for posting the DM for the public to see.

I thought I was dealing with a grown-up. Your nonsense got to be on a high level. Please have some decorum in the streets of social media.

He then asked her if she will grant the poor man his wish. Kibe was for the idea she should because this is helping the man out.

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Kibe is not alone. Ads per her reposts on the question 90% were for the idea she should grant him his last dying wish because such people do not get a lot of wishes.

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