Last week I did an article trying to find out which between Ethic and Ochungulo Family was the more popular group among youngins.

My question was prompted by the fact that the two are popular groups who have a similar style and even constitution with regards to the members. Ochungulo family has been enjoying an upswing of popularity and fame with youngins beginning to take note of who they are and even yearning for their content.

Ethic literally blew up on the scene with a viral video called Lamba Lolo which catapulted them to the forefront of the Kenyan entertainment scene. Everyone had to take note of them.

Both these groups have a gritty, grimy way of delivering their lyrics and the use of Sheng in the songs is rather heavy. Actually, it’s almost like they compete with each other to drop the latest Sheng words. And the masses love their funk!

Anyway, Kenyans voted and the answer as to which of these two is more popular has been answered. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the more popular group, Ethic.