She’s riding high on a wave of success after releasing her sixth studio album, Tell Me You Love Me at the end of September.

And Demi Lovato details her journey through making the album, struggles with addiction and staying sober in a new documentary set to debut on YouTube October 17, Simply Complicated.

The 25-year-old songstress said that she is ‘proud to be bipolar and speak about it’ during an interview with Rolling Stone for its October issue.

‘But I’ve used my voice to help others, and I feel proud that I’ve been able to do that.’

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The brunette beauty has been a public crusader for mental health and sobriety through the years.

Lovato wanted to be ‘completely vulnerable and honest’, and refrained from holding back during filming of her upcoming documentary, including her battle with an addiction to cocaine in addition to her struggles with an eating disorder.

‘I was pretty open with the cameras,’ the Cool for the Summer singer said. ‘The only times I didn’t want the cameras on me were when I was songwriting, because I didn’t want to be distracted.’

Demi’s continued to show up for her mental health and put her sobriety at the fore front of her livelihood.

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato
‘It’s not so much about avoiding drugs and alcohol, because I don’t necessarily put myself in those situations,’ the Sorry Not Sorry musician said. ‘I don’t go to clubs. It shapes my life in a sense that I do inventories all the time.’

While she’s grateful to put the past behind her, part of her personal growth plan includes leaving behind her insecurities.

‘I think I cared too much about what people thought of me,’ Lovato said. ‘I had gotten to a place where I let my insecurities win – I wanted everyone to love me, and I was getting backlash from interviews that were misconstrued and tweets that people read too much into.

‘Now, I just don’t care. I don’t focus so much on people liking me as much as I just want to do my thing and be a musician.’

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