Just when Mr Seed stepped out of the EMB family, another member is thinking of parting ways with the record label.

David Wonder, who credits his success to Bahat’s support, spoke to Mzazi saying that an opportunity has presented itself where he has the leeway to either leave or stay at EMB Records. He disclosed his mind is leaning towards leaving, well according to the statement in the said interview.

i don’t have much to say for now but we were given the freedom by our managing director who told us he has done enough in helping us grow our career so if any of us want to leave then we can leave or if we want to stay then we can stay. i saw an opportunity to grow my brand as David wonder. there is no issue because, with every opportunity, i will always thank him. he took me in when no one else saw what i had to offer. so now i am willing to take the risk and venture on my own.

This comes a few days after Mr Seed decided to terminate his contract with EMB records, after his  heavily pregnant fiance was thrown out of an event courtesy of Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua.

Exclusive: ‘I left EMB because my fiancée was disrespected and it hurt me’ Mr Seed cries out

The other Interesting evidence is that David Wonder has also changed his Instagram handle from DavidWonderEMB to DavidWonderKe. Why did he change the name?

Let’s wait and see what more he has to say now that the rumor is out there. All we need is a solid ‘I have left’ to be sure that EMB is falling apart with Bahati as the only member left.

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