Kenyans are at home on self quarantine to help contain the spread of Covid-19. Andrew Kibe sees this as a plus for people like him.

See he has constantly said he is not a sponsor but now he has hope that during this quarantine time, he can be one. The reality though, is that the sponsors are now at home so they do not have time to see their sponsees.

“The sponsors are all home because hotels and restaurants have been closed. All original wives are no longer stressed. Now it is our time, easy picking because the sponsees have been left for us.

The barmaids are now jobless and money less since there are no tips and there is no salary because bars have been shut down. There is a group of people who are used to making money because the sponyo made it to the club but now they are home so they are broke!” Kibe said

According to Kibe, getting women is now easier because their standards have automatically gone down.

“Now all you have to say is something small as a potential sponyo and tell her you have tissue and one bottle of alcohol and she will come because hana option. So wanna be sponyos and potential sponyos it is our time to shine” Kibe added

Men reveal to Kamene and Kibe the trouble quarantine has bought to their relationships

The morning Kiss duo ended by saying in as much as there are many jokes around the state of quarantine to try to ease the tension, it is a serious pandemic. But the government should not scare Kenyans and bombard them with too much.

Remember guys to wash your hands regularly with soap and running water and stay home.

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