Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz are currently expecting a child, another son for Diamond and Tanasha’s first child. But the pressure from being with Diamond might just be getting to the lass.

You see, Diamond who calls himself Sukari wa wanawake warembo is often the recipient of a ton of female attention. And while many would like to act like that wouldnae be an issue for them, can you imagine a situation where your partner is constantly the recipient of attention from hotter strangers?

Find out just how much Huddah spent to become stunningly beautiful

That would strain any relationship aye? And that is exactly what is happening in this case. Or perhaps Tanasha, knowing that she constantly faces competition -a phenomenon known as competition anxiety- has decided to be proactive about it.

She recently took to her IG to announce that she would be looking for a surgeon who will work wonders on her frame: she specifically wants to transfer fat from one part of her body to a second part.

Would you modify your body if you had access to the money needed?