After being dumped by socialite Michelle Yola, Prezzo seems to have crossed the border to hunt for women.

The rapper was recently spotted at a Tanzanian five-star hotel where he and a Tanzanian socialite cum video vixen were having fun. The lass identified as Amber Lulu has been flaunting photos of herself and the My City My Town hitmaker.

Reports have it that the two have been sleeping in the same hotel and when a Tanzanian blogger, Soudy Brown, gave them a call, the two had just woken up but Prezzo shut down claims that he was eating her Nunu.

“Amber is family, kuna vitu fulani nilikua nataka anisaidie.”

Amber is one of the biggest socialites in Tanzania with a massive following especially from the male segment of the population. I mean, her nude photos on social media tell it all.

Could this be Prezzo’s new Bae? The two have been spotted having fun together and it seems he is about to bring her to the +254. Isn’t it just time that the rapper finally settled down?

Here are photos of the sexy lass: