DJ Stylez and Madtraxx laid their sister to rest on Monday at their parent’s home in Murang’a county.

According to reports, Dr Njeri Muigai, who was eight months pregnant, passed away after an accident in her home.

Her mother found her lying on the floor and rushed her to a hospital in Nairobi, where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Unfortunately, the baby didn’t make it, either.


DJ Stylez And Madtraxx’s Pregnant Sister Finally Buried In Emotional Send Off (PHOTOS)

It was a really emotional time for the family and friends as they bid her goodbye.

Dr Njeri was loved by many, as scores consoled her family. Prezzo jotted down an emotional message to her as she was laid to rest.


He wrote: “I got so many memories of u my sister from swinging in the play grounds of Rosters when we were kids to u graduating to be a qualified doctor. One thing for sure is that u always had that smile 24/7 & that on its own told what kind of person u are. We all loved u but God loved u more. Farewell my sister Dr Njeri Muigai till we meet again, Mwenyezi Mungu Ailaze Roho Yako Mahali Pema Peponi.”

May she rest in peace.