Boniface Mwangi may be the best photographer in the 254 but he may need time on the Brain Drain

Boniface Mwangi walked into the studio this week and of course we had to get him to play the brain drain. He tried to pass but eventually came up with “Shaffie’s Mojo”! Well, he may be the best photographer in the 254 but he may need time on the Brain Drain. The brain drain on Breakfast with the stars with Adelle and Shaffie plays host to some huge amounts. From Monday it kicks off at 7: 50, 8:50 and 9:50 we play from 162,000/-.

So here’s your impossible question. Some have more than 100 some have none

Some of the clues are

1. At one point we all have it.

2. It has a lot of color

3. Shaffie came with it from Mombasa

4. We see it every morning

5. Trump gat it

We’ve sieved through what it is and what it’s not:

Janet called in with a guess Friday. Could it Be dawn? Nope.

Anita thought it was glass, good guess!

Johnny one of the guests says friends

Steve sent in a voice note said it’s rainbows that appear when we wash our eyelashes.

Tiwa Savage just gave up!

Janet called in and said IRIS.

Ben sent in a voice not and said it was memories

George thinks it’s a matatu. Got good points there but not the answer we’re looking for.

Moses suggests it was Sun because of the 100 colors but appears white.

Jane thinks it’s a pair of shoes, because some have shoes and parking boys don’t have it

Michelle thinks it’s a scarf but was brushed off by Shaffie. Who comes from Mombasa with a scarf?

What do you think is the answer to this riddle?

Listen to the audio below as listeners attempt to crack this one.



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