BRAIN DRAIN: An interesting answer sent Jeff Mote and Lynda Nyangweso into fits of giggles

These two are so rough! On Furahiday last week, Jeff Mote and Lynda Nyangweso were sent into fits of giggles by a lass who called in with her answer to the Brain drain challenge on KissFM.

The Brain Drain on Kiss FM allows listeners to win huge amounts of money. And today, the loot is up to 144,000 shillings. Listen in tomorrow on The Morning Kiss, Mid Morning Kiss and The Drive to get a chance to be the next winner. Every hour the prize pot increases by Sh1,000.

Here is the riddle – ‘IT IS OLD AND NEW AT THE SAME TIME’.

What are we talking about? Clues: Think- Size Why

But to help you along, here is what it’s not. These guesses by listeners were rejected

      1. A house

       2. Magazine

       3. Nails

       4. Land

       5. Billboard

       6. Pregnancy

       7. Snake

       8. Skin

What do you think is the answer to this riddle?

Listen every day on Kiss FM to know the wrong answers so as not to repeat and you just might be the lucky winner.

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