If one of your resolutions in 2017 was to be smarter then here’s a way!


So the riddle picked up again today and everyday between 6 and 10 am you have a chance to walk away with the growing jackpot

Today the jackpot was set at 38,000/- but tomorrow is another chance to get down and have a chance to win. We start off at 39,000/- and here are some answers that you may not want to call in with.

Mike Sent in A voice note saying life you’ve lived it and most of it is in the past. and we are still going to the future.

Janet called in to say the sun. The sun is constant and is old, and it gets renews every day through recycling.

Andrew Called in and said growing old. This caused a bit of a tiff between Shaffie and Adelle! But they eventually concluded that if your old, you’re old. Nothing new about that.

What’s the question?

It’s Old and New at the same time.


Do you have the answer?

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