Naomi Chepkemoi
Pwani University student Naomi Chepkemoi

Days after Moi University student Ivy Wangeci was hacked to death by Naftali Kinuthi, another university student was stabbed in her own home.

Pwani University student, Naomi Chepkemboi, revealed that the man responsible for her stabbing is an ex-boyfriend, Henry Kipkoech.

Naomi dumped the Kenyatta University student in December over claims that he was “irresponsible”.

However, they share a 4-month-old baby.

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“[I terminated my relationship with him because] he wasn’t a responsible man. His parents helped me and the baby for only two months.

I saw it unwise to stick with him yet he wasn’t looking after his child. He was the type of a man who would forcefully take my money, when he found me in possession of some cash,” said Naomi.

On the fateful night, Naomi says that Henry showed up at her rented room in Kilifi early Sunday and begged her to let him in so they can talk and iron out their issues.

The 3rd year Bachelor of Science in Public Health student let Henry in. They talked. But it seemed that the conclusion was not to his liking.

Adding, “I let him in. When we were done talking to each other, he rose and started walking out. I, thereafter, changed into my sleeping gown; and was in the process of locking the door, when he stormed in and locked the door from the inside.”

Henry who was enraged took out three knives he had hidden in a paper bag and stabbed Naomi in the chest and neck several times.

Eugene Ochieng’, a classmate and neighbor to Chepkemoi said he received a distress text asking him to rescue her.

“The boy came at from Nairobi. At first Naomi refused to open the door and we don’t know how he convinced her to open. After a while I received the text from her which said come and open the door for me please.

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“I went and inserted my hand to open the door but someone twisted it and I immediately removed it. That is when I alerted others who came” said Eugene.

The landlady pleaded with Henry to open the door.

“He opened the door and we found Naomi lying down unconscious in a pool of blood with knife wounds. There were two knives beside her,” Eugene added.

Henry is currently in police custody. The assault case is ongoing.

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