Being on quarantine could easily feel like the easiest way to save some cash compared to when you are roaming around, but this would only apply to those with financial discipline.

As weird as it may sound it is actually easier to go broke while you are on isolation or working from home compared to when you are out and about.

However, I have come up with a list of ways to help you save more and spend less to avoid going broke, till all this is over.


Using your fare to stock up

It has been two weeks now since we all went on self isolation and that means we still have that extra cash we had budgeted for transport, before all this went down.

How about you use that money to stock up on your food items and other essential needs?


Avoid stocking up on unnecessary items

Speaking about stocking, many may be tempted to panic buy stuff that they won’t really need during this period.

Remember to only stock up on food items which in this case are non perishable items.

With that said you are not expected to stock up on items like books, clothingd or even electronics.

Cut on enjoyment budget

Most people have an enjoyment budget which actually decides how many times they will be going out soon as the salary kicks in.

However, with the clubs closing by 7pm and the curfew coming up, I don’t see why one would have a huge enjoyment budget given the fact that liquor is quite cheaper from supermarkets compared to clubs. 

Use loyalty cards

This only applies to people shoppers who love taking advantage of those redeemable points. This points would come in handy right now and save you a few coins.

Pay your bills in advance

To help you tame the temptation of using up your savings on things that don’t matter, it would be wise if you paid your water and electricity bills, wifi and even rent in advance.