Gorgeous Kenyan rapper NotiFlow has been in the news alot lately. The controversial rapper has been the topic of discussion after she revealed that former boo, Colonel Mustafa is being funded by a sugar mummy. She then moved on to romance Prezzo. In the past she has admitted that she is a proud bisexual.

Her new relationship with Prezzo is sure bound to ignite rivalry with the two nemesis’ who have been at loggerheads for quite sometime now. But really, is she upto something, and has us all fooled?


She had earlier on leaked intimate messages with Prezzo on snap-chat which left people wondering if they are dating after she is said to have dumped Mustapha with claims he has been sleeping with a cougar.

She revealed through pulse that when she was getting into a relationship with Mustapha she was told he is ‘kept’ but termed that as rumours but later came to discover that it is true. She claimed that she tired of him sleeping with her and then going to bed someone else adding that ‘it’s gross’. So why Prezzo, his nemesis?

According to Noti Flow, Prezzo loves her but she is afraid he is a mama’s boy.


She is one socialite who never gives a damn what people say about her. She went on to social media to state that;

Now that I know has it made you any better? Has it made you happy? Has it changed facts to fictions? Nay 😁 – Queens don’t compete with hoes 👸.”

This lady just lives her life on her own terms and not many would be able to keep up with the level of her craziness. She however in a stunning move was spotted with Mustafa. Here is proof.

Here is the video.


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