Did you know a pan-African study in 2013 claimed that 6 of every 10 Kenyan women are likely to be single mothers by the time they reach 45, one of the highest rates for single-parent families in Africa. The study by two Canadian sociologists shows that Kenya has one of the highest levels of children born out of wedlock on the continent?

Why is this important? Well because yesterday during his screening of JKL (Jeff Koinange Live), the host of the self-titled show asked his guests why they only ever talk about their mothers.

Wendy is a gymnast, Ellyanne is a nature enthusiast and Leyla Mohammed is a musician gave differing responses. Wendy Waeni was the most gutted by that question.

Matiangi with Ellyanne

Ellyanne bravely fought back tears saying:

I met him for the first time in 2017, he left us because he said Kenya was not a good place to live in and then now, he is really forbidding what he said. The first time I went to meet him I was so excited, it went well but I did not like the first expression of my cat.


Wendy Waeni was gutted and she responded amidst tears;

It was really tough with my mum alone. Back then she didn’t have a job and he just left us. He is my dad, I have never had a male figure in my life, so I would like him to get in touch. Yes, dad, I forgive you, I don’t know where you are but I forgive you, please just come back home, I miss you.

Leyla Mohammed with Uhuru

Leyla Mohamed gave the most positive outlook saying;

Think of the positive side, I can bravely say that I am the head of the family now. For me I forgave him a lot time ago and I wish him the best of luck.