It would seem Kenyans are finally waking up to the realization that all is not as it appears in the ongoing Esther Arunga/ Quincy Timberlake murder trial in Australia.

‘God can give her a new start’ Quincy Timberlake’s ex wife stands with Esther…


When she appeared in court, Esther Arunga confessed that her husband killed their son in a botched exorcism and she lied to protect him. Quincy Timberlake is set to be imprisoned following Arunga’s confession.

On her part, Esther Arunga pled guilty to accessory to manslaughter, confessing that she perjured herself to protect her husband.

Timberlake’s mother Rosemeg Wambita, however, has come out to assert her claim that Esther is lying about everything. In an interview with Nation, she said,

“That is a lie [Esther Arunga’s confession]. I don’t understand what she means since she is the one who said that their son did not die at the hands of her husband. Where was she all this time? This is peculiar to me. It is a lie. I don’t understand it.

“When it comes to death, people can change. In this case, I say no. If my son is a murderer, why did she accept to live with a killer?”