Rapper and businessman King Kaka will this year be one of the speakers at the Goalkeepers 2018 event which will be held on 25th to 26th September 2018 at Jazz at LincoIn Center in New York City.
Goalkeepers is a foundation started by Bill Gates and Melinda Gates, to call for action to drive down poverty, inequality and disease. This years’ Goalkeepers coincides with the UN General Assembly.
King Kaka
King Kaka will be one of the speakers in the event joining the likes of Graca Machel, Ed Sheeran, Trisha Shetty, Aranya Johar, David Sengeh and many more. KIng Kaka’s sanitary bank campaign to keep 100,000 girls in school, has landed him this big role. So far the campaign has reached 10,000 girls.
” I am so honoured i get to speak at Goalkeepers this year alongside so many great people. I am going to tell our story on the world stage.”
Last year, Kenya was represented by Janet Mbugua and Larry Madowo. This year, King Kaka and Adelle Onyango will be Kenya’s representatives.
The King Kaka Sanitary Bank Campaign started after King Kaka went on a visit to Turkana with UNICEF Kenya where he met a girl who couldn’t go to school because she did not have sanitary towels.
It is said that every month, girls miss four to five days of school when they are on their periods.
In one academic year they lose 39 learning days. 2 in 10 girls drop out of school all together due to embarassment. 60 percent of girls in slums and rural Kenya engage in transactional sex to buy sanitary towels putting them at risk of STIs, HIV and unwanted pregnancies.