Known for his flashy lifestyle than his music, rapper Nasty Bull has refuted claims that he is a drug dealer.

Recently, the star went on a money-spending spree in Nakuru, treating his fans to booze worth Sh100,00.Hopping from one bar to another he caused a frenzy in the otherwise quiet town,before  checking into Nakuru sports ground where a national rugby tournament was going on.

He almost brought matters to a standstill with his grand entry aboard a land rover similar to a presidential ceremonial rise with 50 outriders.

He told the Star’s Word Is, ” Why do people tend to think that someone is always a drug dealer , a devil worshiper, a thief after they succeed? I have a functioning mind and other body organs and I can make my own money. I have never dealt with drugs in my life. In fact I don’t drink or smoke.Its outrageous for anyone to associate me with such immoral trade. I am not into politics either.”

In the last few weeks Nasty Bull has been touring various secondary schools in the country, distributing examination materials worth hundreds of thousands of shillings to students. He toured seven schools in Nairobi and Nyeri to “wish the candidates success in their final exams and give encouragement.More than 1,000 students benefited from the project and they really appreciated either because some couldn’t afford or they didn’t expect such gifts from an artiste..